Skully Vince

Therssen Vincent
Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House

I started as a DJ at the age of 14 years old with my first vinyl and cd for birthday parties and weddings then on to DJing in different bars and clubs in and around Belgium.

1998-2006 Fuse students party and private party

1998-2006 Every Friday ice skating poseidon disco party 

2000 Duplex Afterclub

2001 Nouveaux Russe Afterclub

2002 Hall St Gery Club

2010-2015 No Namse Café 

2013-2014 New St. Michelle Cocktail Bar

2014-2015 Bobos Cocktail Bar

2014-2015 l Imperial Cocktail and DJ bar 

My style are retro house, deep house, progressive house, house, Tech