Jose nandez

Jose Nandez
Madrid (Spain)
Deep House

Handle with Care – Jose Nandez

Jose Nandez was born in Madrid in 1985 and he had his first contact with a DJ booth at the age of 16. 

This young man passionate about music always had the concern to know how much listening sessions on those tapes were made clubs that were achieved by brothers or friends.  When he earned enough money to buy his first turntables he spent many hours practicing and improving his technique and gradually initiated into the exciting world of the mixtures. 

He is a lover of club music and his sets goes from most selected Deep House to the most danceable House with over 10 years experience as a professional DJ. 

Besides his excellent music selection and his refined technique to dishes, his sessions are fun, loaded of rhythm and amazing remixes that leave no one indifferent. This summer we’ve been enjoying his music in Ibiza, from Km5 nightclub, Ibiza legendary hall, hundreds of people have been dancing with their sessions.