Dj Galactic

José Sánchez López
Deep House
StarDust “From here to Space”

“Passionate ways of music”

Telecommunications engineer specialized in audio-visuals systems and professional Dj Since year 2000. Due to his endless love for MUSIC, His most remarkable attribute is the High level he keeps in differents styles of music such as Deep House, Deep Tech,  Deep Soulful, Tech house, Techno, Trance, Psy Trance and Drum & Bass.

To his shows, no matter what style,  he is always looking for new sounds, new sensations and new ways to tell what you can´t tell with words through his music. He runaway of monotones shows so he bets for a strong evolution with a stunnig beggining and end of his shows, like best stories.

Curiously,  his first shows where in England while only 14 years old but where he  becomes a well recognized DJ was in Madrid, playing for big sponsors like Pepsi or Wally Lopez in the most important clubs of Madrid like sala Arena, sala Pirandello1, sala Random, La Riviera, etc..

The perfect atmosphere to experience the best qualities of this artist is with underground music. However, he has always in mind that every moment has its music, so he match the perfect music in every kind of event like no other because this is his way of life.

Thanks to his elegant selection of music and to his good looking in front of mix table, he has a privileged position playing in the most luxuries parties, beach clubs, hotels and events of the Costa Del Sol.