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About Us
Imagine you have been asked to organise a Evening or a Party.

Where to start?

 Well, the first thing to do is choose a theme – but what’s feasible, and how do you decide?

 Then you’re going to need Dj´s or musicians, of course, and somewhere to hold the event.

 Somebody to do the catering and somebody to do the bar.

 Your technical staff will make sure that the stage – you did remember to hire a stage, didn’t you? – is properly lit, and wired for sound.

 Finding costumes to fit all the staff is going to be a real headache

Instead, you should call EZ-Entertainment.

Stunning Visuals

Pyrotechnicsprojection mappingnitrogenenormous LED displays, dry ice, flying objects, fire leaping from water; if you can dream it at EZ entertainment we will make your vision come to life.

Integral Production Management

We have all of the equipment and the expertise needed to take control of every aspect of your dinner, party or presentation.

Sound Solutions

Our audio equipment surpasses all industry standards and is frequently used by the world’s most iconic stars, DJs and bands. We’re proud of our amazing range of High End all in one TSVF Stations and only work with Pioneer, Yamaha and other 1st tier brands.

Temporal Structures

Design your own space. We want to build you a setting that is perfectly suited for your event. Let EZ Entertainment surprise you!

We are Specialized in Event Planning

Get in touch with us we will make your dream party come true !

We’re specialists in the art of event management and are fully equipped to undertake just this kind of commission.

Whether you choose a standard theme, or prefer something entirely original, we take care of the evening right down to the last detail.

First, though we’ll listen to you, and find out your requirements. Then we’ll discuss the best type of event, and where to hold it. Next, we’ll organise the entertainers, caterers, staff and equipment necessary to ensure the evening’s a complete success.

last, but by no means least, we’ll manage the evening to ensure smooth running and a perfect result for your evening.

When you need a good idea for an evening, the best idea is to talk to EZ Entertainment

We are without a doubt, Spain’s largest, most experienced event organisers. We create with you, then make it happen.

Beach Parties, World famous DJ´s, Go-Go Girls, Fire Men, total décor schemes, Sound & lightening systems, Catering international cuisine, Concerts and many more all on the Costa del Sol.

Large or small we do them all.

EZ Entertainment is Spain´s only one-stop answer for quality events, imaginatively presented.

We do the work…. You take the applause.